Monday, August 6, 2007


It's official. Mystery Stole 3 has finally and irrevocably kicked my butt. It took me weeks to get to row 80 -- and to realize that I'm really not enjoying the process of knitting it. It's beyond me how anything that looks so straightforward -- after all, it's just knit, purl, yarn overs, and decreases -- can be so frustrating. To me. Methinks the major problem is that I truly have the attention span of a gnat: I have a hard time following a whole, long row of knits...purls...yarn overs...and decreases. Godspeed to those of you who have the gumption and focus to see it through.

As for me... UNCLE!

I'm back to working on the plethora of KIPs I have going -- and those I have started since MS3. I'm working on a series of dishcloths for my father-in-law, who assures me that he'll actually use them if I'll make them. I pulled out my Mason-Dixon log cabin blanket in progress on Friday, its simple garter stitch ad nauseum meant to reinstill confidence that I actually CAN knit something (even if it's not a gorgeous MS3 stole!). The log cabin is in shades of brown, lilac, and leaf green Patons Decor.

And, of course, I continue to work on actually completing the socks I have in progress before casting on for new ones. After a day of knitting at the Blue Jays game yesterday, I'm well into the leg of the second of my Plain Jane socks in Regia. And I expect to be almost done with the first Embossed Diamonds sock -- my commuter knitting -- by the end of this week. (Not bad progress, considering it's 80 stitches per round on 2.0 mm needles in a pattern I actually have to pay attention to.)

In unrelated news: if anyone out there would care to share their experiences teaching elementary school, please leave me a comment. I'm contemplating a radical career change and am seriously considering becoming an elementary school teacher. Thanks!


Holly said...

I think it's OK to put MS3 down, Beth. You can always come back to it, or just leave it be. It sounds like you have many other cool projects to keep you busy. Enjoy knitting those things that will bring you pleasure.

Stickyfingers said...

I support your decision Beth! And I still think you're a great knitter!